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[hr]You will see from this site that we are a different agency to most – we specialize in great presentations and in doing that, we listen and we work with you in a way that adds to your bottom line fundamentally. We specialize in great presentations, video and event services – if you need brain surgery you want a specialist brain surgeon don’t you? Therefore, if you want better presentations, you want to go to a specialist………..

Presentation Production Passion

Working out how to get your message across and the best way to do can be a daunting prospect. How can the message be visualised? How will the audience best take the messages on board and how can you best have impact? We are passionate to make sure that you deliver your messages to your audience with all the impact and clarity that ensures success, maximising your investment and exposure.

Total Solutions, end to end:

Whether we are producing a video, slides for a presentation, co-ordinating an event or providing presentation training, we work to understand your company and objectives through and through, making sure we not only deliver the service you require, but that we ensure it fits within your wider communication objectives and continues to work for you going forward.
Capture 1 will help you to define a strategy at the outset for your presentation, event or communication requirements, that will give you the biggest bang for your buck and so maximise your return on investment.
Working together, we help you discover powerful new ways to communicate to your audience, making them more aware of you, influencing them, and motivating them to change.
We organise your information, supplying the marketing tools and business intelligence you need to make your next presentation, video production or event an outright winner.