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Good communication is essential in today’s business world. Whether you are trying to stand out amongst competitors, raise capital, persuade stakeholders, train people, communicate vision and inspiration or simply change the world!

And like it or not, most professions require some form of visual communication and if you are doing a presentation of some kind, be it sales, training, management the right visual aids, done properly can be a great asset. Of course the wrong visual aids, done badly can be the nail in your coffin! And, it’s not just about the visual aids – which is where we bang presentation drum! When creating a good presentation there are 3 aspects you have to consider, as separate components and then in fusion, otherwise you will never get beyond mediocre in your presentations…….


Capture 1 focus on helping you to create a plan that enables you to have a presentation that connects with your target audience.

Whether you are delivering a presentation in person, creating a marketing or training video or an e-learning course, the planning of the content is the first and most critical step that cannot be avoided. We have many tried and tested planning and scripting techniques that can help anyone plan any type of presentation successfully!

If you have ever been on a presentation skills training course but still felt that your presentations following this course were not having the desired effect, it is likely because you need some help with planning and scripting your content. Of course it is important to work on ‘how you say things but if ‘what you are saying’ is not the right content for the audience then it doesn’t matter how well you say it. It’s like asking whether food or water is more important to life – both have their purpose, but focusing on one at the expense of the other eventually results in death. This is why we have created a model which focuses equal importance on both planning and delivery. And we can help you do both, as well as the important in between step of creating your visual aids or media assets.


The best presentations should focus on the presenter and the visionary ideas and concepts you want to communicate. Therefore, you want your slides to reinforce your message and help your audience to come with you. You don’t want them to be a distraction, a confusion or a point of annoyance. Your slides are not about the information on them, they are about what they mean to your audience and what they interpret as a result.

We can create slides that will work for you as a presentation and for your audience and their objectives. We have many years of skill and experience of knowing what works visually and being able to create visual assets in the right way for both the presenter and the audience.

If someone is taking their precious time to be at your presentation, whether they have to be there or it is their choice, you want them to feel it is time well spent. You want them to leave feeling inspired, with new ideas or actions or with a clear idea of purpose as a result of your presentation.

Engage all your audiences sense in your presentation – so they see, hear and feel your ideas. If you do that you will have the most powerful impact. We help you to identify ways of engaging in each of these areas and then delivering a presentation that truly resonates with your audience.

We don’t just make pretty bullet points. We get to the nub of the messages you need to communicate and we create visual aids that display information in a way that works in fusion with your presentation.

We are experts in making complex information clear and visualising ideas and messages in a way that works in conjunction with your words and presence, truly connecting your messages with your audience.


The best presentations benefit from thinking about your presentation as you would a piece of theatre or a film production – there are so many aspects to the performance, in addition to the performers confidence and knowing their lines. You need to consider the staging, the venue, the technical equipment, the use of your own skills as a performer such as voice, body and passion. As a director would do with a piece of theatre, you need to consider everything you audience will see, hear and experience – that is how you will get the best presentation. We can help you with presentation skills training, but we do more than that as we cover all these others important aspects of delivery, that you may not have considered or be aware of, but as experts we can help you with and enable you to take your presentations to the next level of success as a result.


Capture 1 is one of the UK’s leading Presentation Agencies, with a particular specialism in video

You have a message to deliver, a story to tell – we’ve got what you need to do that… successfully. We are specialists in creating media presentations, including video production,Powerpoint, Flash, DVD and CDROMs. Over the last 13 years, Capture 1 has helped hundreds of clients with many different presentations requirements, from sales and marketing, training and internal communications and high stakes launch events. The key to our successful working with clients is not the media, but getting the content right first. We have built our business on helping clients to communicate key messages effectively and with impact. This is due to our vast experience and high level of communication skills.

 One of our key success factors is our ability to work with a client throughout a project, from initial ideas, scripting and planning through production, post-production and final presentation delivery. 

It is our objective to make it easy for clients to work with us and highly rewarding and successful.

Our experience over the years, in helping companies to better communicate their messages has resulted in us becoming highly skilled in communications and we excel when helping organisations to share messages, ideas and concepts, helping them to inspire clients, prospects, staff and stakeholders. Our experience working in theatre and TV also means we can successfully help clients with presentation skills, delivery and events co-ordination – all the world is a stage in Capture 1’s world! Every day and every client is different and interesting and that is what we love!
The services we provide include:

  • Video Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Presentations design and creation – Prezi specialists
  • Training and consultancy in Business Communications and Presentation skills
  • Event Management and co-ordination

Benefits for our clients

  • Working with experts in the field.
  • Working with people who are truly passionate about what we do and how we help our clients
  • Exceptional quality at realistic prices
  • Technical expertise a given, ideas and creativity a must, success factors guaranteed
  • Concentration on your objectives and messages– ensuring we work with you to meet and exceeds those objectives
  • Working with a reliable team – we do what we say we will, when we say we will!
  • Unrivalled experience and production expertise
  • Having flexibility – we will work to your budget, timescale and objectives!
  • A team who enjoy what we do, and so make your project process enjoyable!
  • Service, Value, Quality Results – Guaranteed!

Good presentation of your benefits, generates desire in your customers and makes you more profit – that is what a professional video, presentation or event does for you business. Capture 1 works with to achieve results and add to your bottom line.