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Corporate videos

If you are considering a corporate video presentation for your organisation, then you will want something that reflects your companies brand, image and values perfectly and delivers your message concisely and with impact.

Just hearing the term “Corporate Videos” puts many people to sleep. Long monologues mixed with powerpoint presentations and scripts starting with “we were established in…” are synonymous with this style of film, and unfortunately many companies still believe this is the only way to get their message across. We know it doesn’t have to be this way and will show you how…

A good corporate video will get across your key messages and your brand, style, attitude and everything that makes your company who it is – your personality – in a way that engages your viewer. It is not just about informing them, but entertaining them at the same time and leaving a positive impression of your company.
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Marketing video

A marketing video will be focused on generating more customers and sales. Whether you are in the business of selling products or services, you are in the business of solving your customers problems and a good marketing video should show your target customers precisely how you can help them with your products/services. Using a marketing video on your website, exhibition stand or even on Youtube will get people’s attention… if it’s done right. Capture 1 have worked with hundreds of companies to produce marketing videos that talks to people, so speak to us about producing a marketing video that guarantees you more customers.
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Video for your website

Website videos can take many forms and have many purposes. From introducing you as a company, to providing specific product and service information, sales and marketing messages, introducing your team and how you work, having video testimonials and even showing where you are based – there are a thousand ways that video can be used on your website. All of which can be  a massive driver of new traffic to your website and better engagement with viewers once they are there, resulting in increasing your bottom line!
Watch example website video

Video sales page

Video sales pages are used as landing videos on either your main website or your product pages. These can give some form of introduction to who you are and the benefits you provide to your customers. They can also be used to:

  • teach something
  • give a call to action
  • to opt-in
  • click to find out more
  • or buy now

A point on why it is important to use video as a sales tool from an SEO point of view,  if you are not using video on any landing pages on your website then chances are your page rank is going to go backwards and you are going to lose visitors very, very quickly. And you will lose engagement from your visitors quickly, people almost now expect to see a video telling them

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you can help them
  • What they need to do to get started

Did you know that 80% of people who land on a website with a video will watch it and of those 52% will take some form of action? Can you afford to be missing out on that 52%?
Watch example sales video

Video Product Demo

Video product demos are used exactly how the name suggests – to demonstrate a products features, benefits or instructing people on how to use it. It needs to be short, concise and visual, focus on features, advantages and most important benefits for the customer – how does the product solve their problems?!

Don’t forget the most important thing is the call to action –  either to buy or to find out more!
Watch example product demo video

Video testimonials

Do website viewers actually believe the testimonials on your website in text form? They could have been written by anyone. There is so much of the ‘same’ on website nowadays, so stand out by having your testimonials in video form. The impact will be significant and your credibility will increase massively.
Watch example testimonial video

Sales Training

If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, you want the company distributing or selling your product to know as much about your product as possible so that they can effectively sell it. This may be through online sales or it may be face to face in a retail environment. If you produce a good, concise video that helps the sales people to better sell your product, it results in a win-win for everyone!! They will sell more and both of you will increase your bottom line! They will also be more inclined to take your products to sell as they will have greater success with selling them and staff will feel more knowledgeable, giving you a better long term relationship with your distribution outlet.
Watch example training video

Expert Interviews

If you position yourself as the expert in your field, when people need your products, services or advice, they will think of you first. People always want to deal with experts. When we watch a television documentary and somebody is interviewed as the ‘expert’ on something we believe in them. So if you create some ‘expert’ videos and put them out there to appropriate channels, people will engage in your messages and expert advice. With these kinds of videos it is critical you are interesting and useful to your targets. Don’t try to sell them anything and they will engage with you and subscribe to your information. You will then eventually get their sale if they are in the market for your service.
Watch example interview video


Video success stories/case studies

Similar to video testimonials, video case studies are more in depth stories of how you have helped particularly clients and the impact your business has had. As well as being powerful assets for your website, these are also good as PR tools, to send to news outlets, include in newsletters, presentations and pitches for new work.
Watch example success story video

Web TV/Video TV channel

A recent study by Google showed that by 2015 90% of web traffic would be video. Producing regular video content and information that is useful and interesting to your customers and prospects is a great way to grow your business. By having your own Web TV channel, viewers can easily engage with your information, and you will have a portal that is a key pillar in your digital marketing strategy, making a real difference to your new and current customer retention.
Watch example tv channel video

Recruitment videos

Businesses and public factor organisations need to attract the highest calibre candidates possible, and often the most effective ways of doing this include showing current staff satisfaction, enjoyment of their job or other factors such as geographical areas and benefits. Video can engage quickly and show heart, emotion and tell stories as well as people and places in a way that no other medium can in quite the same way. We have produced videos to  successfully help with recruitment for private companies such as GE money, the NHS and education authorities.
Watch example recruitment video

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is the perfect way to demonstrate to your audience how your company, website or product works. Often this can be done with motion graphics or animation or it may be that there are visuals that can be effectively filmed. Whatever visuals we decided on we will tell your story  and can convey complex information in a clear, concise, informative and entertaining way. From the script writing, to the choice of voiceover and music, down to the finer details of your fonts, brand colours and design style, we will deliver slick, dynamic and polished videos.
Watch example explainer video

Animation/motion graphics

Sometimes a message is best told using a creative animation or motion graphics. Whether is is designing a piece from scratch or using current branding and logos, we can design and create a video with no filming involved and using simply graphics and post-production, music and audio to have your impact.
Watch example animation video

Sales presentations

When making a sales presentation, you need to stand out, convince your prospect of your capability to help them and make a difference. Using a video you can take them to places and show them people that you cannot physically introduce them to from your meeting room.  If you have completed a project similar to one you are pitching to them, show them using a good video, the essence of the project, how successful it was and how happy your client was. After that, it will be down to you given them the ‘likeability’ and trust factor, and your chances of sealing the deal will be higher!

As a sales manager, having your sales team armed with video assets is a massive advantage for you – you know that they are out there delivering a consistent message and your product and service is selling itself through the video.
Watch example sales presentation video

Talking Heads

You know the saying ‘People buy people’. Sometimes, the best way to deliver a simple message is to have the person responsible for the message delivering it. We believe in talking heads videos being short, concise and engaging. We use our skills and expertise in working with people on camera to ensure that we capture the key points in the most concise way and edit them together to make it work for the viewer.
Watch example talking heads video

Video as training/
internal communication tool

The benefits of using video as an internal communication tool and for training staff are numerous. Providing consistent messages in a cost effective way is a key benefit. For businesses with high staff turnover, using video saves huge time and costs associated with training of new staff. Video can also be used as an extremely effective motivational tool and source of information for current staff. The costs of producing and distributing it, often outweigh physically gathering staff. And the ease of using video often means you can distribute information and messages that wouldn’t have otherwise have got out there.

Increasing staff understanding and buy-in of products or services that they are selling or involved in delivering is proven to have a difference to the businesses bottom line. Using video you can provide these messages easily and in a short period of time, with a greater engagement factor.
Watch example internal communication video

Video for e-learning

E-learning is a popular way to deliver your courses and training to your customers or staff. It allows people to engage in the information direct from their desks, saving massive time and costs. Research shows that the inclusion of  video content within e-learning programmes massively increases the success factors. You can have video done in many ways to support your learning content, including staging role plays and dramatic scenes, show real places and people, have interviews with key people filmed and integrated and demonstrate products and techniques. We will work directly with you or your e-learning provider. Equally we have partnerships with e-learning companies who we can put you in touch with if you need an e-learning solution created from scratch.
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