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Training and consultancy services









We have many years of working in the arena of training and education, with large businesses, organisations, schools and universities.

We have run many Prezi training courses and presentations on different areas of media, presentations and communications and our experience in this arena means we deliver training courses and experiences that are practical, relevant and immediately actionable by the participant.
Online training courses

We run Prezi Training and other courses virtually, through digital web conferencing and webinar environments, to be able to deliver cost effective, successful training conveniently at your PC, whilst allowing you direct access to the specialist expertise of our presentation consultants.

We offer training on maximising web conference technologies and webinar presentation creation, Prezi Training and digital presentation environments.
Onsite training courses

We can provide training onsite to individuals or a group of staff. This includes Prezi training, webinar and web conference communication and presentations, presentation skills and video production. Our consultant can work with you on a half day, full day or bespoke course depending on your companies presentation requirements. We also provide on-going support that empowers you to create much better communication results from within. You will see real, tangible results immediately, with your team creating and delivering presentations that are focused, persuasive and achieve objectives.


 Bepsoke consultancy and training

If you have a team or individuals that would benefit from some training and support for a particular presentation, bid, project or event then we can provide bespoke constancy, training and support to help you to achieve the best possible results with your presentation results. This may include working with you to write, plan and structure, produce content and best deliver your presentations. We can help you to create a template which your team refines, develops and changes according to specific presentations and train them to be able to do this quickly and effectively.

Our expertise in presentations and communications means we can help you to define your messages and then best communicate them in a way that resonates with your target audience.