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Take your presentations from Mediocre to MEGA – discover how Prezi is revolutionising the world of business presentations and how you can do the same with yours……

People remember spaces and stories. Prezi’s use of spatial metaphor helps your audience remember your content better. Each prezi is a place where you can use spatial metaphor to engage your audience’s memory.

Our Prezi training course is a hands-on, interactive and practical experience. You will come away having gained skills and knowledge of how to create and deliver engaging and memorable presentations using Prezi

You’ll be shown the basic principals of how to use Prezi and you will learn some more advanced concepts for not only using it successfully but for creating and delivering a presentation that is Mega and Memorable!

We’ll also show you how to make a successful Prezi from scratch, how to create a journey for your audience and how to get creative with your canvas, as well as how to deliver a successful presentation using Prezi.

We will come in and work with your team on a one-day course, that will teach, inspire and enable them to develop, create and deliver powerful presentations using Prezi.

We’ll cover what makes delivering a Prezi presentation so different from a Powerpoint presentation. You will see how Prezi can take your audience on a journey and convey messages and understanding that allows you to deliver a significantly more powerful presentation.

Most importantly we will tailor the training to your company and what you need. You will work on your own Prezi during the day, allowing you to take something away to continue working with following the course. The best thing is that you will be ready to create another Prezi as soon as you need to……and to do it well….. Whether you are pitching for new work, making a technical presentation, training or informing…..once you have started using Prezi we guarantee you will wonder why you hadn’t used it sooner!!

What you will get:

  •  The power of Prezi, what it can do fro you and how it is different from Powerpoint.
  • The power of Prezi, what it can do for you and how it is different from Powerpoint.
  • How to get the best our of your Prezi account
  • Planning and scripting your Prezi
  • How to discover the visual metaphor for your message and how to use Prezi to create this.
  • Creating a journey for your audience.
  • Using templates and starting with blank canvases
  • Choosing, creating and working with images
  • Inserting media into your Prezi
  • Working with text
  • Using audio
  • Importing and exporting PowerPoint and Prezi
  • Presenting your Prezi and presentation skills.
  • Confidence and audience understanding for different presentation scenarios.

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