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Prezi is an incredibly powerful tool for teachers and students alike.

Teachers can use Prezi to:

  • Present more powerfully
  • Engage students
  • Build up topics over lessons
  • Explore big pictures and focus on detail
  • Explore complex subject matter, timelines and structures in a way that is visual
  • Work with students collaboratively and be able to assess, record and analyse learning by students

Students can:

  • Build up powerful visual pictures, journeys and structures of their learning
  • Present their projects, findings and ideas powerfully and visually
  • Work collaboratively with other students in the same class, different classes or different schools.
  • Build up a presentation over time, revisiting areas and reflecting on the journey of learning taken place.

Teacher Training:

Capture 1 offer training to teachers to enable them to bring Prezi into their classroom.

We help you as a teacher to see how to think differently with Prezi (as opposed to Powerpoint and other linear presentation software) and how this thinking allows you to achieve so much more with it. We help you to master the basics and then you are able to go back and start using it with your students. Students tend to grasp it quickly, so once it is used by the teacher and introduced by the students they start using it successfully from day 1.

We can deliver courses on-site for your teachers to learn as a group or as inset training. On-site training starts from £750.

Or you can choose to logon to one of our digital online courses. While logged into a collaborative Prezi workspace, you will learn the possibilities and ways you can use Prezi in your classroom. Online courses are priced at £125 per delegate or £300 for 3 delegates for a 90 minute session.

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