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Prezi Presentations for Business







Prezi Presentations for Businesses

Helping you tell your story or convey your companies messages using a powerful presentation is our mission

We help our clients convert their ideas into powerful messages, allowing them to take their audience on a journey that results in action and results!

We do this in a collaborative way by leveraging their existing digital assets, creating new images, designs, licensing stock photography or incorporating bespoke photography and video – all to create a presentation that moves people to action.

You can fast-track to success with Prezi training from Capture 1, either online or onsite, with groups or individuals, we train, coach and enable you to start creating Prezi presentations that enable your business to stand out and communicate more powerfully with your audience.

The principals of a great presentation are structure, story-telling, and powerful supporting visuals that enhance the messages and bring clarity to your most persuasive points.

We will teach you our creative teams approach to getting this right every time. We will reveal our secrets to creating quality visual presentations quickly.

We initially help you learn the Prezi environment and controls and then move you through smart and effective design techniques that anyone can use.

Our sessions can be used to build you a priority presentation as well as getting your team confident and comfortable with Prezi and its potential.

Online courses for your team start at £400 for up to 6 delegates and are delivered over 2 x 90 minute sessions.

In-house courses start at £800 for a powerful introduction day or £1200 for a day where we build a company presentation together, that you can immediately use. We recommend the in-house course involves between 2 and 10 members of your team.