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Presentations skills courses Presentations skills courses

Learn how to deliver presentations that have impact and results.
Learn a simple system that will immediately advance your skills at planning and delivering powerful and persuasive presentations.
Use our proven model The Presentation Bike to take your presentations up through the gears:

  • Planning wheel – Learn how to create the content that has impact, quickly and systematically.
  • Performance wheel – Learn how to deliver your content, persuade, have influence and achieve objectives.
  • Production support – how to create the best and most effective supporting assets and visual aids to help with your message communication.

Use the wheels together and you will travel quickly and easily through your presentation, getting where you need to get to safely, quickly, ultimately winning the race!

Course outline:

This course provides practice and feedback from your trainer, your peers and utilizes video to help you better picture, understand and enhance your presentations quickly and with real impact . We focus on instruction and practice in organization and planning of your presentation structure, scripting, presentation delivery skills, visual design and use, and question-and-answer techniques. Participants will receive personalized, confidential presentation feedback from the trainer and will develop a presentation self-improvement action plan. Customized exercises give participants first-hand experience in one-on-one, small-group, impromptu, and sit-down presentation situations.

Key Objectives

  • Reduce presentation preparation time
  • Organize your ideas and information for greatest impact
  • Select appropriate details and data and how to deal with what you don’t include.
  • Create more effective presentation structures, scripts and incorporate storytelling techniques.
  • Increase your skills in gaining rapport and be more persuasive
  • Analyse and read your audience, both beforehand and during your presentation and tailor accordingly.
  • Prepare appropriate openers, closes, and all “the finishing touches” to engage an audience
  • Design and use visuals effectively.
  • Use a dynamic presentation delivery style, incorporating voice, body language and movement.
  • Respond to questions authoritatively
  • Control nervousness