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Infographic Animation

Having an infographic animation video can be a great way to tell your story in an engaging and dynamic way. It is especially effective for explaining a process, bringing to life the intangible and demonstrating a non –visual service or product or where there is little to actually film live.

Creating a successful infographic animation or infographic video is more than just pretty pictures. As with any video campaign the most important part is the messages – what do you need to communicate and to who? And then what are the most effective ways we can do this with an animation video? We will help you to identify the answers to all of these questions. This is what we are really good at helping our clients to do and why we have so much repeat business and create videos that work!

After identifying the key messages and coming up with creative concepts and ideas for conveying the messages we will develop a script and plan. We work on the script, plan and style guide for the video to ensure it is in line with the objectives prior to any production work.
Once we are happy that the creative style and script is agreed we will create artwork, do design and studio work in order to create the visuals and assets and create the animation, effects and visual sequences.

Audio is as important as the visuals, especially with this type of video, so we create voiceover, apply suitable music or audio effects to create a high quality piece.

As with all our video products you view and request changes and we go through a process of amends, at which point you sign off and start using your video successfully!

Lots of examples below. Software companies often like what we can do to insert their simple screens in to a promotional look and feel like this: