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We provide production, consultancy and training services to enable our clients to develop, create and deliver more high performing presentations.

In the production area of of the business we are video presentations specialists, so provide video production, from initial scripting through filming and post-production.

We produce presentation assets for clients in Powerpoint and Prezi.

We also organise business events and are conference organisers, including writing scripts, preparing and creating presentations for speakers, bringing in team building activities and providing creative event management services, as well as logistical aspects such as Audio Visual support and direction.

We offer Prezi Design services and company presentation design and sales presentation design.

With the consultancy area of what we do we are specialists in helping clients with a Sales Presentation, with a bid or tender, a marketing presentation as well as internal communications and training. We work with a client to help you to identify the key messages to portray and we help to create content and creative ways to convey these messages. We consult on all manner of presentations and with single people in the business to whole teams. We can even look at a current presentation and work with you on ways to improve it, so it doesn’t always have to be starting from scratch.

We provide training services in Prezi. We are Prezi Experts, meaning that we can help you to discover how powerful it can be for your presentations and your business requirements.

Our presentation training services include looking at how to write your content, how to visualise it creatively and how to deliver it.

We provide presentation training in presenting skills,enabling you to be a more confident and effective speaker.

Our Prezi design expertise enables us to deliver a presentation course that not only focuses on your skills as a presenter but ensures you delver high quality, relevant visuals that enhance your presentation and tell your story making it memorable and engaging.

Our Prezi Training courses are therefore extremely well received by business people, educators and those in healthcare and the public sector.

Our specialism as a presentation agency means that we can work with you as a trainer, consultant or producer to enable you to be engaging, meaningful and memorable and get results from your presentations, every time.