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Prezi Presentation Production

Helping you tell your story or convey your companies messages using a powerful presentation is our mission

We help our clients convert their ideas into powerful messages, allowing them to take their audience on a journey that results in action and results!

We do this in a collaborative way by leveraging their existing digital assets, creating new images, designs, licensing stock photography or incorporating bespoke photography and video – all to create a presentation that moves people to action.

The principals of a great presentation are structure, story-telling, and powerful supporting visuals that enhance the messages and bring clarity to your most persuasive points.

We are experts in helping you to prioritise and visualise your messages, to be able to create a presentation that stands out and has impact with your audience. We will create a structure that communicates clearly and will build your presentation so that you have something you are proud to use to convey your messages and represent your organisation.

We can also convert current Powerpoint presentations into Prezi, giving them more ‘pizazz’ and ‘zing’ and helping you to stand out and be remembered!

So whether you need a presentation creating from scratch or an update or refresh of a current presentation, we can help easily and successfully.

Contact us to talk though your requirements. We also provide a free of charge appraisal of your current presentation. Contact us for details…

Here’s a good example of a recent project for Manchester University and their team who have to engage foreign students and attract them to the city:

This shows how theming can be a real fun approach with Prezi and really increase the impact of messages.

If you run a team and need a consistency to your presentations, we can create templates and guide slides that provide a base that works, for team members to adapt with specifics.

If you have the ideas and simply don’t have the time to execute them properly, we can organise that.

If you know what you want to say but don’t know how to most successfully and creatively use media and slides to help you say it, we can help with that.

If you have 100 slides but need to cut them down to 20, we can help you do that!