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presentations with prezi event
 Stand out…Have impact…Be memorable…Have the competitive advantage….
See how you can take your company presentations from Mediocre to Mega
If you would like to….
  • Equip your sales team to deliver superior presentations…..
  • Engage staff with more creative and effective content?
  • Be more effective with external and internal presentations
You may have heard people raving about Prezi, but you may not yet have seen what can be done with Prezi to help your organisation.
If you are still using Powerpoint to try and win business or train staff then we guarantee you won’t want to when you see what Prezi can do for communications and sales teams and business presentations.  We’ll show you how you can make it a successful part of your communications mix.
If you have seen Prezi and not been impressed, then now is the time to come and see it done properly, used as it should be……..
We have been helping many different clients for the past 4 years to create high impact sales and training presentations using Prezi. At this exclusive event we will show you the foundations for making a great Prezi presentation and we’ll share some of the creative tips, techniques and ideas that generate end results that are helping businesses have the competitive advantage.
Whether you want to win contracts through your bid presentations, look slicker and ahead of the game in sales meetings, readily engaging staff and colleagues with successful training messages; see how Prezi will give you the Wow factor.
This is a unique one off exclusive event which we are sharing with a select number of our specially selected contacts, clients and prospects, showing you how Prezi might just be the Wow factor you need to bring in to your communication tool kit.
This is a great opportunity to see some of the potential for transforming presentations from Mediocre to Mega!
Date: Tuesday 13th October 4pm – 6pm
Venue: Brown Shipley Suite, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester
For more details please email Helen directly at
Coffee and biscuits will be provided along with a welcoming atmosphere at this great venue.
Check out this video we produced for the LCCC events team to see their great facilities and the Brown Shipley suite where this presentation is to be held….