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The Business

The reason we have sustained and succeeded in our business over the last 12 years is that we don’t work for free – if we had a pound for every time somebody asked us to do a project for free we would be millionaires! Equally if we had done each of those projects we would no longer be in business!

Win-Win Partnership for everyone.

We are only interested in working with clients who respect paying for a quality service and solution. We pay our suppliers and team what they are worth and expect our clients to do the same. That is the only way any business can sustain. That means that we are there for our clients in the long term, helping you to succeed and it is a win-win partnership for everyone.

The Right Solution

In terms of pricing, we are neither the cheapest you will find and nor are we the most expensive.
We are all about creating the right solution to match your need and intended outcomes and we will design this with you, in line with your available budget.

Budget Information

If you would like some more information about our budgets and range of price options then please contact us and we would be happy to give example budgets in relation to our portfolio of work.

Easy and Competitive Package Costs

We do try our best to make it as easy for our clients as possible and we will put together a package cost at the outset, which includes all the aspects required to achieve your brief. This package cost remains the same – we have the experience to know how long a specific piece of work will take and that is what we will charge you. If it takes us longer because of internal factors we will not charge you additionally for that.

Flexibility and Transparency

Obviously if the brief / requirements change at any point, then there may be a change to the charges of the package but we will always fully communicate with you about this factor before doing anything. So you will never find hidden, additional charges on your invoice form us! We believe in full transparency and are not scared to talk money! It’s what makes the world go round!!

Project Variables

A typical list of variables of a typical video production budget include:

  • Scripting and pre-production
  • Filming – usually calculated in days / hours
  • Actors / presenters / voiceover artists
  • Music
  • Editing and post-production – usually calculated in days
  • Graphics / animation
  • Disc duplication / online publishing

You have to view a video strategy as a long term investment. Spending £5,000 for a video with a shelf life of a year, may seem a lot but if you break it down to only £416 per month. What’s more, if you think about all the different platforms where you can use it – on your website, on you tube and other video search engines, in e-shots and communication with customers, in your office reception, to send out to PR and trade magazine, at exhibitions and events, in sales meetings and presentations, in training and internal comms – the list goes on and and on and suddenly the investment seems like good pound for pound return!