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planning your presentation needs


Firstly, we work very hard to understand your problems, needs and presentation requirements and we analyze what aspects of your presentation, video or event needs we can help you with. In order to do this we need to understand your business – your values, vision and what you are trying to achieve. We love to get inside our clients businesses and see it from all angles. And we are really good at doing that – give us a couple of hours in your business and we are ready to start talking your language and that of your clients!


Once we have understood your business and your brief for better communications, presentations, video or event requirements, then we will provide consultancy and advice on the best solution for your requirements, taking into account important elements such as budget, timescales and resources.


The most important part of every project is the planning stages – if it is video it is the pre-production and scriptwriting, if it’s an event it is scripting and creative planning along with logistics and if it is helping with apresentation it is scripting and planning of content, key messages and creative ideas. As the old adage goes ‘Fail to Plan…Plan to Fail’ and at Capture 1 we live and die by that mantra!With good planning and scriptwriting, we guarantee the success of the end result!


Depending on the nature of the project the production might involve:

  • Filming video content
  • Editing and post-production
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Voiceover / audio production
  • Music composition / sourcing
  • Compression and creation of video files tailored to your specific needs / users
  • Slide design and creation
  • Event production
  • Training course delivery



Whether we are helping you with the delivery of a presentation, and event or a video, we can advise and ensure successful output of your media or presentation assets.

We can also offer advice on different distribution methods and creation of video in the necessary formats, such as online, DVD or video on USB stick. Also creating of online video channels, using sites such as Youtube and Vimeo and uploading and managing of content to these channels.

We can providing customized, branded, private hosted platforms and video players and slideshare platforms.

We can also provide e-learning platforms and facilitate the integration of these, which is especially relevant for training and internal communications and where events need to be turned into resources and subsequently shared.


All the hard work is done, so that’s it, right? Far from it in our world! We have ongoing relationships with our clients. Regular maintenance, updating key messages and working across your whole team is key to keeping your media communications fresh and working for you.
Our objective is to work with our clients in a long term relationship, so we are always on hand to help and advise to ensure your presentation content keeps working for you, and that updates are made and advised on whenever is necessary.By being available for you in this way and delivering on our promises, our customers stay satisfied and loyal and we have a good time working together because we have shared understanding and vision.

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