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Creative concepts

We will sit down with you, listen to your objectives for your video project and come up with creative concepts and ideas to fit your audience requirements, timescales and budgets.


Scriptwriting is the most important element of any successful video project. Even if there is no ‘script’ as such i.e. it is using interviews, visuals only or clever animation, the video still needs a script and plan that states what is happening when.
When we receive clients feedback, 90% state how impressed they were with the scripts and the quality of them and how they made for creating a smooth and successful project process as well as end result.

Project Management

Another feature of successful video project, is a good project manager and a system to back this up. Many years of producing all kinds of videos, means our project management system is seamless and we have experienced most trouble shooting scenarios!
We will provide seamless, consistent project management throughout, complete with a smile, which is important in anyones working day!


Whether we are filming as part of a full project we are creating for you or you simply require a ‘filming only’ service for us, our skilled, experienced and personable team are unobtrusive and clever with what they film and how they film it!
Whether you require a one, two or multi person crew; full camera and sound kit, extra equipment like dollies, steadicams or cranes or filming out of the side of the helicopter; we can provide it!


Everyone has a story to tell, but sit them down in front of a camera and “deer in the headlights” takes on new meaning! It takes a special talent to capture those heartfelt stories and those sincere messages. We’ve got that. With years of news experience, our stable of producers has interviewed everyone from politicians to footballers to CEO’s, children and even cats (well not quite but we did try!) as well as average Joes and Janes and everything in between. We have a knack for putting people at ease in front of the camera.


A good video is more than just clever filming and editing. It take directing and producing to achieve the clever filming and editing. This is what makes Capture 1 projects stand out and be successful in the long run. We have broadcast trained producer producers and directors and this experience is notable in our work.

Camera Crews

Just need a camera crew to support your marketing department, activities or in-house media creation. We are your men (and ladies!). We can turn up, take direction and get the footage to you same day if required!

Live events

Single or multi camera live event filming is a special skill and one which we have a great deal of experience of achieving for clients over the years. If you require a live event filming, we will first discuss with you the objectives for this and then propose a solution that will fit this and often save you money than what you originally thought you might need!

Autocue filming

Need accurate delivery of a script, done quickly and effectively. An auto cue can be a valuable filming tool if the person being filmed is best talking directly to the camera. We can provide this solution. Please note though we will always discuss and ensure that it is the best solution. If the person being filmed has never ben in front of a camera before, we would not advise this as the best solution, as the chance of them coming across as natural and engaging with the viewer would be doubtful. We would therefore advise on alternative and better ways of achieving this. However for an actor, presenter, sports personality, politician or even senior businessperson with media experience and limited time, the auto cue solution is perfect.

Green Screen Filming

We can either film in our own studios or bring our portable green screen set up to you or a relevant location, enabling us to film using ‘green screen’ and superimpose whatever is required into the background.

Actors, presenters and performers

We have a large bank of high quality and varied actors and presenters who we can bring in to projects appropriately.

Editing and post-production

A critical part of being a good production company is the quality and expertise of the post -production. We’ve got the training, tools and experience on our post production team to handle your broadcast, commercial and corporate video editing needs with creativity, craftsmanship and expedience.
Motion graphics, music, sound effects, meticulously shot video footage, and riveting interviews. Putting all those pieces together to deliver maximum impact, maximum results, takes a special skill. That’s what you get with Capture 1. We have fully equipped edit suites, the latest technology and systems to ensure our editing process is both efficient and cost effective. Your next video project deserves polish and pizazz. It deserves Capture 1!!

Animation and motion graphics

Motion graphics and 3D animation are a great way to communicate complex ideas and let’s face it, add some cool factor to your projects. This is something we can include within a project or create a project purely out of motion graphics. We have in-house capabilities and we also have a network of creative talent that we rely on to cater to your project’s specific requirements. So whether you need a completely animated piece or just a few elements to enhance your final video, we can handle it.

Audio and voiceover recording

We work closely with a dedicated sound production company, who have broadcast standard, audio recording studios. We can record ‘down the line’ with them, enabling us to turn around a voiceover or audio recording very quickly. We also have a large bank of diverse voiceover artists available for your projects, including male and female of all ages and accents and can even provide foreign language voiceovers and editing services.

Multi language, translations, subtitles, audio dubbing

Often, videos need to go worldwide and despite English being the main worldwide language in business, you video will be more effective if delivered in the local language to your viewer. We have capabilities and experience of creating multi language versions of your video. It is not as simple as just recording a new voiceover. Often, variations in lengths of languages, mean that editing tweaks must be done to ensure the video has the same impact in other languages that it has in English. Our attention to detail ensures that this is the case.

DVD design, creation and authoring

Despite the majority of videos having an outlet online nowadays, there are still a number of instances where as DVD is the preferred method of viewing. This may be in addition to an online outlet. Having created DVDs from when they first came into being in the late 90’s, we can easily create motion and interactive menus for your DVDs or alternatively just a simply auto play DVD might be what you need – we will advise and create appropriately.

Disc duplication

From 1 – 100,000 discs, we can create artwork, presentation packaging and have them duplicated for you. Depending on numbers required, turnaround time is usually 10-14 days.

Powerpoint and presentation videos

Videos are often required to be integrated within powerpoint presentations or you may need a presentation creating for you. Our team can design and create a presentation to communicate your message appropriately to your target audience – no ‘death by Powerpoint’ here! And if you simply need help integrating your video within your presentation or exhibition stand then we can help and advise with that.

Video Strategy & Distribution

Creating a video is one thing. Making sure it works and has an impact is another! We ensure that not only does the video get created to fit your objectives, but that it works within your wider strategy and is distributed most appropriately to have an impact.

Online Video Channel creation and management

Whether Youtube, Vimeo or other online video platforms, our team can create your channels, upload, optimize and manage your content to ensure your online success with your videos. We have an in-depth knowledge of video marketing techniques and strategies online and you can benefit from our expertise in this arena.