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[toggle title=”How much does a video cost?”]This is the eternal question! Buying a video is not like buying a pair of shoes, there are many factors that determine what it will cost you and we believe in providing the correct solution for our clients which is why we need to ask a few questions and understand some detail before we can provide a cost.If you are unsure if you can afford a production and don’t have a clue of what it potentially may cost we are happy to provide you with some cost examples based on our portfolio of past work. So please get in touch and we can help you understand potential pricing of a video better. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”I’ve not got much budget, what are my options?”]Value for money is critical to the solutions that we propose. If you can be open and honest with us about the budget you have available we can pitch ideas to you that we can deliver for that money, meaning you can get the best possible end results for your available budget. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”How big an investment do I have to make to get a good return?”]We can demonstrate powerful projects that have been delivered for £1500 and equally huge and powerful ones that may have been 5,8 or even £10,000 worth of video production budget. If you then start considering that almost all of our productions retain their impact for at least a year, many of them several years, you can break this down into monthly spend and it is only a few hundred pounds and then when you consider where you use it and how you can use it and the many, many streams, platforms and uses it will have, the list goes on and and on and suddenly the investment seems like good pound for pound return! [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Aren’t all corporate videos boring?”]We hate the term ‘corporate video’! A video can have many use – and the more targeted, the better impact it will have on your business. We start from what do you want to achieve and who do you ant to react, be impressed and take action as a result. We work much the same as an advertising agency here at Capture 1 and address your brand values, customer profile and most wanted results. What we would say is that there are so many creative ideas out there and we are confident we can deliver any of them and what we will do is look at other rich content and great ideas out there and then generate ideas within our own creative team and propose options once we understand your brief.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do I have to write my own script?”]A good end project, relies on an excellent script. We have professional scriptwriters to handle this for you or to back up and support your internal marketing and communication experts.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Will I have to come up with lots of creative ideas?”]Having your own ideas is never a problem, but certainly don’t worry if you don’t have any, once we understand your brief the creative ideas will flow…[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How long does it take to have a video made?”]It all depends on the specifics of the production, peoples availability and of course your deadline! We have turned videos around in as little as 24 hours and equally have worked on some long term projects that have filming requirements over a few months or even a year. We work to your timescales. A typical production time is 4-8 weeks.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”We don’t know if we have the available time to co-ordinate a video….”]Lots of our clients are extremely short on time and heavy on demands in their jobs. Our objective is to make it easy and do as much as we can for you. We have clients where we work effectively as their in-house video production team – but without the costs and hassle of being in-house! We firstly seek to understand everything we can about your business and objectives and through doing that thoroughly we can take the workload from you and produce something that exactly fits what you need but without you having to micro-manage the process. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”How can I distribute my video?”]The wonderful thing about video nowadays is that you can get it out in so many ways – we’ll help and advise on your strategy for this once we know what your ultimate goals are.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”We’re in a big hurry for the video. Can you do quick video production?”]With all our experience in TV news and many different clients over the years requiring short turnaround projects, we can work to the tightest of deadlines. It is perfectly possible to turn around a high-quality, quick video production, ready to go, on the same day as it was filmed.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Who owns the copyright of the film you make for me?”]Our philosophy is that life is too short to worry about copyright and so it’s up to you what you do with the film after production! In terms of re-working the footage at a later date or using it for further projects, if you have liked what we have done for you and liked working with us you’ll come back to us. So we won’t tie you into working with us. Generally our clients do come back which is why we don’t worry about it!. We will charge a labour and administration fee for transferring any rushes or additional master copies following the completion of a project, but if you wish to take it elsewhere you are free to do that.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you have a studio?”]We have a small studio set up at our offices at Carrington Business Park in Manchester. Equally we have studio spaces which we hire all over the country, to be convenient for our clients locations, so we will advise and arrange the most appropriate and cost effective studio location for each project, if it requires studio filming.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can you help us put our videos online?”]We have been putting videos online since videos starting going online nearly a decade ago! So we have all the skills, expertise and advise you need to get your videos on the web and seen by your audience, including using mobile phones, tablets and social media platforms.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”We have a powerpoint presentation that we want to convert into a video.”]There are loads of ways we can do this – from a slideshow to translating the concepts into video footage, graphics, voiceover – get in touch and we can discuss ideas to suit your budget and objectives.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can you add subtitles and do multi language?”]Your video can be transcribed and translated if needed. A text file will then be send to you for approval. We can then add subtitles to the video, either by keying directly over the video, or by using the subtitle stream if authoring a DVD. By using the DVD subtitle stream, the viewer can choose to watch, or turn off, subtitles and we can add additional streams (languages) if needed.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What about sign language for our video?”]We work with a local organisation who have level 5 signers who we use for our productions. It is easy and not cost prohibitive to add a signer to your production. We usually advise this is a separate video option on the DVD or web page, so the audience can choose to view with or without the signer.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can you create animations for our video? “]2D graphics and animations we will generate in house. For 3D animations we use the services of one of our partners who specialize in 3D graphics. Any quotes we provide will include all costs including third party suppliers such as 3D graphic specialists.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”We would like to use actors / presenters in our video. Can you arrange this for us? “]We can recommend actors or arrange a casting to find suitable actors or presenters and we have good relationships with many agencies. We have a bank of talent who we have worked with for a long time and so offer us competitive rates.[/toggle]