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promotional video production

Getting a bespoke promotional video for your business has never been so easy…

Did you know that video converts more people into customers than anything else?   Video engages prospects in your brand and product like nothing else…..   So if you are not using video to engage potential customers with your business…why not? There are lots of reasons people aren’t using video….. It’s too expensive….. I haven’t […]

Video success tips for your business in 2018

  Are you looking to make the most of what video can do for your business in 2018?    Do you want to capitalise on the advantage that social media video can give you? Visual communication is all around us! Marketers have been telling us for the last 5 years that come 2018 over 70% of online […]

Good communication makes the complex simple, not the simple complex………..A great business presentation simplified..

Communication in your Business Presentations… When making a business presentation, pitch or even communicating online with your customers using video, keeping your communication simple is essential if you want to get your message across. Nowadays we are bombarded with so many messages it is more important than ever to ensure your communication gets across successfully […]

A simple 3 step system for creating a winning presentation:

Creating Winning Presentations   See the Capture 1 presentation bike Prezi for this blog article here:   We’ve all heard the acronym KISS in business – ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’ – most recently and commonly used by speaker and author Paul McGee. Well I couldn’t agree with Paul more, especially when it comes to creating […]

Happy Birthday to us…..

Photography   1st August 2015 is our 15th birthday! And how the world of video has changed in 15 years! We started off our business with making mainly educational video productions and very soon started working with educational authorities, councils and public sector organisations, charities and corporate clients. Over the years we have acquired new […]

The Powerpoint rap – watch this before your next powerpoint presentation……

  Powerpoint Presentations for your Business The above is a perfect example of what not to do in your next Powerpoint presentation! It exemplifies why the phrase ‘death by powerpoint’ is all too often used in the world of business when it comes to discussion a powerpoint presentation! So what can you do differently – I […]

Give your staff and customers the X Factor this Christmas……..

Christmas is an opportunity to stand out and have some fun as a company, engaging your customers and prospects and of course a great chance for some team bonding (not necessarily fuelled by alcohol at the office party!!) So if you want to do something fun and different and do something motivational with your team, […]

Meet Sophie the Dinosaur…..

Watch our video… To have Sophie scare your children, colleagues or customers contact us…. nb: no nice children were harmed during the making of this film…

What is content marketing about?….What we learnt from Digby Jones

Content Marketing You have most likely heard the term ‘content marketing’ banded around, especially in recent times, and be wondering “what on earth is content marketing about and how we can we use it in our business, we sell chest freezers?!” well there was a perfect example to help you with this on BBC2 last […]

Great 2013 videos!

Best watched videos in 2013 It’s that time of year again when we celebrate some of the best videos we watched in 2013 and share them with you – they made us laugh, think, take action of were just plain clever! Of course if you want to use video to this effect for your business […]