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How to get it really wrong with video for your business…

Business Videos – What not to It’s now an undisputed fact that video should be an integral part of every businesses marketing and communications mix; because it works, customers are used to consuming messages through it and they expect it – whether they are potential customers, new customers, old customers or staff and stakeholders, its […]

14 years on……

Happy birthday to us! Here at Capture 1 we recently celebrated our 14th business birthday. Since incorporation in August 2000 we have chalked up tens of thousands of hours worth of footage, hundreds of projects and many satisfied clients. We were therefore musing on how business and especially technology has changed so much in just […]

The difference a good (or bad!) presentation can make….

Business Presentations – From the good to the bad It never ceases to amaze me how little time, preparation and creative effort people put into their presentations – especially when they are pitching for new business, trying to engage employees or deliver training. If you are going to use visual aids then make them count! […]

A Good Presentation is more than just Preparing Slides…..Guest blog by Queen of Great Presentations, Catherine Sandland…..

What makes a good business presentation? What would you do if the moment you stood up to speak and your laptop failed? or the projector broke? or the software crashed? or the teleprompter delayed? It is not a nice thought and the sort of thing that keeps lots of people awake the night before they […]

How to ensure your staff consistently delivers a good customer experience.……by customer service training that really works

Staff Training Videos Do you wonder how to get consistency with what your customers experience every time they have contact with your organisation? Have you put time, money and resources into customer service training courses with little return or evidence of impact? I have been reading a book called ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles […]

What is content marketing about?….What we learnt from Digby Jones

What is content marketing about? You have most likely heard the term ‘content marketing’ banded around, especially in recent times, and be wondering “what on earth is content marketing about and how we can we use it in our business, we sell chest freezers?!” well there was a perfect example to help you with this […]

Marathon season is upon us….

Capture 1 filming the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon This month we donned our running shoes and once again we were the official film and video production team for the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon. It is the third year running we have filmed the race and created a highlights video and it was as inspiring and […]

April Fools Fun!

What April Fools Pranks have you been subject to today? Of course, Google have been up to their usual spoofing tricks! But before I share their latest April Fool prank released this morning, I thought I would share some our favourite other April Fools pranks from over the years – the first one from all […]

An example of a Prezi presentation being used to best effect….

Prezi Presentations I attended a networking meeting yesterday at the FSM conference in Manchester, where the guest speaker was Phil Jones, MD of Brother UK. Being evangelical about good presentations and especially Prezi presentations, you can imagine my joy when he started and I immediately recognised the opening screen as Prezi! As Prezi is a […]

5 reasons to use Prezi:

Using Prezi for your Presentation 1/ Prezi is more visual, more dynamic and results in a much higher impact presentation. The Prezi environment encourages this and we teach your teams to be able to deliver this, quickly and easily. 2/ Once your template assets are created and in place, a Prezi presentation is quicker to build […]