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How to Use Video Effectively on Social Media

One fantastic way of creating strong brand engagement is to use your video with social media. On most social media platforms video is given high priority and content is pushed out to social media communities via feeds. If you don’t use video, you are missing an opportunity as many social networks make using video ultra-easy […]

How to Prezi-fy your PowerPoint presentation….

Prezi PowerPoint Presentations At Capture 1 we have created a new verb – Prezi-fy! Ok I don’t think it will make it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but never the less it describes perfectly what we do when we take a PowerPoint presentation and make it more dynamic, memorable and have far greater impact! The […]

Inventive ways to say Happy Christmas to staff and clients….

Digital Christmas Cards, Messages and Animations A lot of companies want to give their staff and clients a feel good message at Christmas – it’s a great opportunity to say thank you, well done and review the years activities and successes. Whether you have a digital Christmas card, an animation infographic sequence, messages from your […]