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Capture 1 are specialists in creating presentations, whether using slides, film production, animation, info-graphics and audio we have been creating presentations that achieve results for our clients for the last 15 years! We provide consultancy and production – what this means is that we help you with your messages first and foremost, as you need clear and concise messages to have a good presentation or video production. This is what we excel at – however complicated your messages, products or business is we can make it simple, clear and have impact! The video production side involves us creating scripts, filming, designing and creating artwork, post-production including video editing, audio, animation, effects and graphics, presentation design and build, slide design and build in Powerpoint or Prezi. Once your presentation assets are completed we help you with getting it our there – whether to an audience of 1, 100, on the web, social media, you tube or to display at a conference or event.

Capture 1; a potted history…

video production

shutter-thumb2The company was formed in 2000 by Brett Nurse and Helen Chamberlain, who were both working in broadcast television at the time and wanted to bring our love of programme making to the business world, enabling organisations across both the public and private sector to better communicate their messages to more people and bring a new and fresh approach to the traditional world of corporate video production. The business has gone from strength to strength and now in our 14th year of business we are proud to have made over 1000 video productions, working in wide ranging sectors. We now work more broadly in the area of business communications and presentations. Our experience over the years, in helping companies to better communicate their messages has resulted in us becoming highly skilled in communications and we excel when helping organisations to share messages, ideas and concepts, helping them to inspire clients, prospects, staff and stakeholders. Our experience working in theatre and TV also means we can successfully help clients with presentation skills, delivery and events co-ordination – all the world is a stage in Capture 1’s world! Every day and every client is different and interesting and that is what we love! In 2005 there was a Capture 1 wedding and we always try to involve the youngest members of the team!! See here

Our Team

video production

shutter-thumb2In the media industry the results are only as good as the people – therefore at Capture 1 we only employ the best talent. We have facilities and skills in-house to allow us to provide best price and service results for you. We also have a network of experienced, professional and highly skilled supply chain partners with whom we have long working relationships with and thus are able to negotiate favourable rates. These include actors and presenters, designers, voiceover artists, animation and music composition.

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