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We have a diverse range of professional and experienced actors who we can use to take your workplace training to the next level, engaging staff, having impact and delivering results

Role play training:

Often misunderstood, done properly this method is a valuable learning and development tool in workplace learning

Most people cringe at the thought of role-play. That’s where we come in. You don’t have to pretend to be the irate customer or a shifty employee. Let a trained actor take that part so you can create a realistic and risk free environment in which to gain invaluable experiential learning.

Using a trained actor lets staff immerse themselves in a scenario and gain valuable insight into working practices which can be applied in a real situation. Our actors will always give a consistent performance for each session allowing candidates a fair assessment and are also experienced in giving feedback.

Forum Theatre:

This can be used to achieve a variety of different outcomes. The performance usually takes the form of short scenes, written around topics relevant to your discussion. These can be then broken down, re-run to look at something in greater detail or replayed to create a different outcome from the first, highlighting topics you wish brought to the forefront. This method means the subject matter springs to life and has a power that leaves a lasting impression on all involved.

Previous jobs have covered topics such as giving feedback on performance, advanced investigative skills interviewing, changes to the mental heath act. Clients include sales and financial services, police services and various NHS sectors.

Our actors are always well placed to deliver a sensitive and thought provoking performance.


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