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Stage 1 – Scripting and pre-production

  • Project commences.
  • First scripting meeting with project manager and scriptwriter. In this meeting we confirm the aims, objectives and specifics with respect your project. We learn as much as possible about the content and messages to be conveyed.
  • First script and plan drawn up by Capture 1 creative team. Our team is happy to work from an existing idea or develop a new one that meets your commercial objectives.


Stage 2 – Script sign off and pre-production logistics

  • Script sent back and forth, finalised, approved and signed off.
  • Pre-production and logistical work takes place, which means planning & schedule the production of your video content from start to finish. Nothing is left to chance. This involves preparing the filming, shot plans, scheduling and setting up the filming with all of the necessary contributors.


Stage 3 – Filming

  • Everything done to this point will inform the production stage of your video, and ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible
  • Included in the filming are crew and all necessary broadcast standard HD equipment.
  • We ensure that the filming process is as easy, unobtrusive and enjoyable for everybody involved.


Stage 4 – Post-production

  • First edit drafts of the video pieces are created. This includes arranging for music and for professional voice-over to be recorded, if applicable.
  • Graphic work is designed and created. All of the text and graphics used within the video will be produced in keeping with your brand guidelines.


Stage 5– Reviews and Approvals

  • First viewing. You will view it and request changes and amendments.
  • Graphics, effects and audio final edit completed.
  • Final viewing and sign off


Stage 6 – Mastering and duplication

  • Final mastering and product creation.
  • Video clips will be delivered in the required format for online purposes and if necessary DVDs and other final formats will be created.


Stage 7 – Marketing and distribution

  • Once completed, we can help you with distribution of you video online, including putting it on your website and creating You Tube and Vimeo channels.
  • We can also organise for disc duplication if this is required.


Stage 8 – Feedback

  • Once the project is completed we like to ask for some feedback. A high level of service for clients is critical to Capture 1 and so we consistently are looking to improve our level of service and performance and therefore we welcome all feedback to help us to do this and ensure we are always at the top of our game.