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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Have you ever thought where all the key knowledge in your business is?

Professional Videos for Business

Does it lie with one person, two people, a handful of people? Do you have a key account or key business area, that without the knowledge or expertise of these people your business would be in serious trouble? (more…)

Video SEO Guide – How to get your videos found, viewed and working for you…

Video SEO Guide

It is a well known fact that video is very powerful for your SEO and online marketing tool box. There are many places and ways to publish, distribute and drive traffic to your video content online. I have put together a guide here to the main areas that will help you to get started and make an impact: (more…)

Sam Torrance on golf.

Best and Worst Moments in 2016

See top golfer Sam Torrence talking about his best and worst moments in Golf!

Click hereto view Sam’s video

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